Control your mobile phone with SMS.

World's 1st Detective Anti-Theft Mobile App with Automated Event wishing features and Control mobile phones with just an SMS

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How to Setup SMS Control
SMS Control Command List
Settings for AdTrack SMS Control

5 Mobile Settings Required

1) Allow All Application Permissions (Phone,Sms,camera,Location,Contacts,Phone,)
2) Disable Power Saver/Battery optimization (Do not optimize Adtrack)
3) Allow AdTrack to Run on Startup
4) Allow AdTrack to Run in the Background
5) Switch on Gps Location

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About Logo
About AdTrack SMS Control
Makes your phone ring at full volume even if it on silent mode.
Turns on the Flash Light
Returns the GPS location on email and sms(INDIA)
Sends the battery level on email and sms(INDIA)
YourPin:call log
Sends the call log on your email
Sends the contact list on your email
Takes a photo using front camera and sends it on your email
Sends selfie + GPS Location + battery level on email and sms (INDIA)

AdTrack Application is Build for Security and making things easy for our Users with a simple and user friendly Interface.

To track a lost phone, The device should have AdTrack Application installed in it.
Send an sms to your Adtrack installed mobile phone with the codes given below and AdTrack App will help notify you your mobile device.
Control your mobile activites with Sms and Automated alerting features which can help you track your lost devices. Helps you wish your loved one which will help you to wish them without forgetting important life events.
Send SMS and receive information on user's Email ID or the mobile used for sending code (ONLY INDIA FOR SMS)
We do not share or sell any user data.
*Best anti-theft app on playstore.We will update app once it is ready.
*Google’s policy doesn’t allow Apps using SMS for location detection on the Play Store.We do not use/share/stored any user data with anyone.