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World's 1st Detective Anti-Theft Mobile App with Automated Event wishing features and Control mobile phones with just an SMS

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About AdTrack

AdTrack Application is Build for Security and making things easy for our Users with a simple and user friendly Interface.

Control your mobile activites with Sms and Automated alerting features which can help you track your lost devices. Helps you wish your loved one which will help you to wish them without forgetting important life events.

Our Aim

Work From Home

Once we reach 1 Million user's, Each and every AdTrack users will earn $20-$60 per Month by just working for 20 mins everyday on our Application. Read our Documentation below

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Application FEATURES

World's 1st Detective Anti-thef App

One app with extra ordinary features and fast user interface to detect and attain full security. 1 app and 18 usefull features.


Powerful Features

Fast & Accurate

Locates your device with Accuracy. Gives Acurate data which helps in locating

Event Manager

Wishes your loved one and never forgets to wish them on your behalf.It is Automated.

Sms Control

Control your mobile with just an sms even if your mobile is on silent mode.

Easy Battery Notifications

Alerts you with an alarm or location when your battery is low or fully charged.

Fully Responsive

Easy user interface and powerfull features combined to match your mobile devices.

Editable Settings

You have the power to control and decide who receives what..

Battery Notification Alert

We keep everything simple

1) Set Alarm percentage(%)
2) Connect to Charger
3) Notifies you with an alarm when the percentage reaches the desired percentage set

Alarm Alert

Battery notification feature is a very smart feature which alerts you when it is charged.

Smart Location

It sends you location if someone disconnects from the charger when battery is below 16%.

Easy Customization

Set alarm percentage and can be changed any time when needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Charge Disconnect Mode?

Set alarm % and plug it to a charger. This will help you from not overcharging your mobile phone which will increase your battery life.

How do i delete my AdTrack Account?

Send us an email on with your email id, password and reason of deletion, we will delete it any time from our data base with no questions asked.

What is Event Manager?

Do you forget Birth dates of your loved ones or any other dates like Wedding Anniversary?. Event manager helps you send personal messages with options like images and videos. this will ensure that the recipient/receiver gets your message on the date mentioned by you and it is totally automated !!

What is SMS Control?

Sms controls lets you control your mobile device with just an sms which in important cases helps you track your lost device within minutes.

What is "Earn on The Go/Work from Home"?

Earn on the go is a platform which will be built once we reach 1 Million downloads. It will help Adtrack users earn $20-$60/Month by just working on our app for 20 mins a day. Help us reach 1 Million Users.

What is "Sim Change notification"?

1st thing a Theif does when he/she finds a lost mobile, changes sim card. With Adtrack you can detect the last location of the sim changed. We can add upto 5 email ids, so all email ids receive your phone location when sim changed.

"Gps when power on" ?

Gps when power on sends location of your device to your email id and helps you know when mobile was switched off. If in case a theif finds your mobile and starts it, location of the devices will be sent on your email.

What is Intruder selfie?

Intruder selfie is a feature where some unknown person tries to unlock your phone and enters wrong password, selfie is clicked and sent on your email id or saved in your photo gallery.